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Created 09-23-2017
Energy Onix Plus 2
Category Transmitters
Title Energy Onix Plus 2
If anyone is looking for repair of an Energy-Onix transmitter, AM or FM, and are having trouble, please give me a call. I have learned there is a need for this service and I have been an E-O engineer for 30+ years. I knew Bernie well, and have been to his factory. I have most parts and and circuit boards and have access to almost all the ones I don't have in stock. I presently take care of 27 stations that use E-O transmitters, in 10 states. I would be glad to help anyone needing engineering for these, or really any other transmitters. Please give me a call at 606-794-8895, and I would be glad to talk to you about any transmitter problems you might have. My rates are fair and I am willing to help anyone needing service.350 Words Maximum

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