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Created 05-17-2016
6 meter antennas
Category Antennas
Title 6 meter antennas
My name is Shane I have built antennas for 6 meters and above for years, for myself and various other hams, including a past executive members of the ARRL. I have been told many times I should share my designs with others. And since I own my own publishing company I have decided now is the time to share my ideas..

What I have decided is to compile an antenna book for 6 meters and above. I personally have many successful designs of my own, But not enough to fill an entire book. however I know there are others who have as good if not better ideas. So I am looking for contributions of your antenna designs. Simple, or complex, wire or beam. Your contribution will help other hams enjoy our hobby more.

Compensation will be paid when the book is published and your name will be credited for the design for each item you contribute.

We must have original designs and a release from you for your contribution.

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